Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Change is good. Embracing this mantra, Radio Mango took the big leap and changed the way we bring Konkani to our listeners all over the world. On October 9th of 2017, we went from broadcast to podcast. And we haven’t looked back since that fateful day.
And what a change for the better it has been! You can now listen to us at your convenience, wherever in the world you have decided to call home. Your beloved Konkani now no longer gets transmitted in air waves. It comes to you via cyber technology, with one swift click! via Yes, 2017 has swept us all up in a sweet embrace called technology.
Yet, not everything has changed.
Nostalgia still nestles with the same ferocity in our hearts. We still long for the language that connects us with our culture and our cuisine. We still wait for Radio Mango – the one and only true voice of the Konkani speaking people in North America – to take us on a nostalgic spin every Saturday. We still wish to hang on to that thread that connects our past with our present: our mother tongue, Konkani.
Together we shall keep the conversation going through 2018, and beyond.