23rd September 2016 will go down in history in the Konkani speaking community for various reasons. For the very first time, Jazz Junction, the band that’s rocking the Konkani jazz scene in Goa played here in Toronto, at the Versailles Convention Centre. Colin D’Cruz, the acclaimed bassist, played with 3 local musicians to create a sound that mesmerized the crowd.
For the very first time, Seby Fernandes, of Seby and the Wings fame performed in Toronto.
Hon. Charles Souza, Ontario’s Minister of Finance was the chief guest at an event that was attended by over 360 people.
The sweetest memory of all, was the crowd that rushed to the dance floor from the get go and stayed there until 1 am. Shouting “We want Konkani, we want Konkani,” – Konkani lovers and their friends danced the night away, knowing that a evening this magical and this rare, may never happen again!
Radio Mango takes this opportunity to thank our Sponsors, Advertisers, Supporters and all those who celebrated our 4th anniversary with us.
See you all in 2017!