On 11th March, our clocks will jump one hour ahead. And what a difference that one hour will make. The sun will now come streaming in, waking us to a brighter day. And as the days go brighter and longer, little green leaves will pop out from nowhere and brown branches will shrug off Winter in one green swipe, and make way for the buds and bees. The Daffodils and Crocuses will give life to gardens everywhere. Life will sprout and bloom again.
Spring is not confined to nature alone. If you look closely, you can see Spring in the steps of the old and young, as everyone gets ready to the promise of warmth that Spring brings.
Spring also means bunnies, eggs and Easter. Many of us will drink from the cup of joy after 40 days of fasting. We will make plans for picnics and dances, weddings and camping. And why not? We’ve waited out Winter. Patiently and quietly. Now let’s make some noise for Spring. And let’s all put our best foot forward!