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Summer, unfortunately, will pass by like a Summer Breeze. Too short and always leaving us wishing for more.
And that’s the reason why, we welcome Summer with open arms. After a long, long wait, it’s sheer delight to feel the sun on our bare arms and let the grass tickle our toes. Finally, it’s time to open the windows, and let the sounds of Summer in - chirping of birds at dawn, the droning of wasps and bees, the laughter of kids as they play outside, the neighbours planting their vegetables and flowers, someone nailing a plank of their new deck – Oh, the sweet, sweet sounds of Summer.
Come evening, the mouth-watering smells of meat roasting on barbecues constantly flirt with our noses! Backyard BBQs are the mainstay of Canadian Summers. The joy of eating and drinking a cold beer al fresco brings together friends and family, and backyards ring with the sound of laughter, camaraderie and fun, especially on weekends.
Out there on the lake, sail boats add their white presence to the never-ending blue, motorbikes start roaring again, and hordes of determined cyclists whiz past walkers and amblers.
Everybody’s out to enjoy Summer. And why not! Canadian Summers are too short. Let’s squeeze every drop out of it, to make it the sweetest season of all.