And you can feel the nip! Isn’t it amazing, with almost clockwork precision, Summer fades away, and Fall puts in an appearance in all its colourful glory.
Yes, Fall is in the air. Trees have started to slowly turn. The glory of green is giving way to deep purple, bright red, sunny orange, mustard yellow… a riot of nature’s inimitable colours that help make up for the slow yet definite decay of plant life.
However, Fall has its own magic. In addition to the palette of colours that creates a soothing canvas, this is the season to watch the best plays, musicals and artistes all over the GTA. New TV shows and new movies keep us all engaged and enthralled.
Fall is the perfect intermission between Summer and Winter. It gives us all time to prepare for the bitter cold, while getting our minds around saying goodbye to the warmth and long hours of daylight.
Change is good. And nothing signals change like the seasons. It’s nature’s way of showing us how to adapt and how to evolve. Nothing can stay the same. Life is no different.